Can a house "Fail" a Home Inspection?

As a Home Inspection is not a "Pass/Fail" examination, no home can "Fail" a Home Inspection.

Here are some examples:

  • There is NO home that has zero issues!!! 
    • Even brand new construction multi-million dollar homes will have issues discovered during a Home Inspection.
  • There is NO issue that is not able to be fixed. 
    • Some issues are more expensive to fix, but there is nothing that can not be replaced or repaired.  Even extensive structural issues can be repaired.
  • Not all issues need to be replaced or repaired. 
    • Many of the issues discovered during a Home Inspection will be just things to be aware of.
  • Each issue discovered during a Home Inspection should be weighed out against the overall home purchase. 
    • A structural issue can be an easy and inexpensive fix or a major expense.  (inexpensive/major expense is dependent on your personal point of view, what is minor to some can be major to others, and vice-versa.)
  • Consider your short and long term plans for the home when judging issues discovered during the Home Inspection.
    •  (IE: You may have plans to remodel the attic into a spare bedroom, so the lack of insulation mentioned in the report is irrelevant as you will be updating the area anyway. etc.)
  • MOLD......Yes, I said the word that scares most people. 
    • Be informed, Mold is EVERYWHERE inside and outside!!  There are very few homes that do not have some mold somewhere!!! 
    • The issue that should be focused on is what conditions are there that promote the mold growth, and what type of mold is present.
    • Most people are only allergic to very few certain types of mold.
    • If you are concerned about the mold in a home have it tested by a qualified person/company.  See Ancillary Services
  • Asbestos....Mesothelioma, black lung, law suit commercials, etc, etc, etc.....
    • Again, be informed, Asbestos is a natural substance that was used extensively for many years.  The horror stories you have been told about, are few and far between.  The majority of the cases have been workers that spent 10 to 12 hours per day for years in small rooms cutting and installing the asbestos before respirators were commonly used.  I am unaware of 1 single case of a home owner having any ill effects of asbestos in their home.
    • Asbestos is harmless as long as it is not disturbed, so the asbestos floor tiles are not harmful unless you break them up.  The asbestos lined duct work inside the walls can not harm you as long as no one damages it.
    • If you are concerned about asbestos in a home have it tested by a qualified person/company. See Ancillary Services

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